Recycled Sounds are amplifiers built from discarded, broken, abandoned and previously cannabalized equipment.
All capacitors and plate resistors are new, all other parts may be used, new or NOS. Each is a one-off.

Cabinets are handbuilt from reclaimed wood. They may be any combination of Poplar, Oak, Maple, Cherry or
exotic hardwoods. Currently the stock of cabinet wood is from several heavy weight pallets, and from
old rough-cut wood framing. All wood is denailed, resawn, jointed, glued/biscuit jointed into usable
widths and then final planed. Corners are either butt jointed with biscuits and glue or 45 degree picture frame
boxes, glued and clamped in a jig. In the future the joints will be blind dovetail routed. If you have usable wood
that needs to be disposed of, please contact me via the contact section.

Little Hooligan - sold
single-ended 6L6

Little Bruiser - sold
Push-Pull 6AQ5

4-Eyes - sold
Quad 6V6

Citrus Single - sold
Quad EL-84

Big 50 - in the works
Push-Pull 6L6

All chassis are either used and modified or brand new and made by Brian @ Dirty Dawg Amps.
All machining and chassis modification is done in-house at Operation: Audio. Paint work and graphics are also done in-house.
Powdercoating is available for an extra fee and only on commissioned builds. The standard finish is 3 coats of epoxy paint,
then graphics and several coats of clear gloss to seal it all and add shine.