Announcing the release of a spanking new set of small-batch effects pedals
directly from Upstate NY. Fuzzes, modulating distortions, echo and more
fuzz coming your way in batches of no more than 25.

A fuzz face with a Germanium heart of Soviet transistors from a coldwar radio factory.
Tweeked values for maximum grit and girth, this is the pedal you've been searching for.
Drink up Comrad. $175

A twisted take on distortion, tremolo and vibrato all rolled into one box.
Hit the toggle switch and it's a tough as nails distortion without the undulations.
Graphics by Tom Matthews! $200

Packing 3 wide-open gain stages, this box will brutalize your amps frontend
in a glorious way. Volume control for holding down the first two stages,
and a gain controls that rules the nature of the third stage round out this
box of sonic decimation. $175

An expanded version of the DESTRUCTION box with the added benefit of a 2-band
Baxandall EQ section to contour the debauchery. Baxandall EQ was popularized in
Orange amplifier designs among others and allows cut AND boost of low and
high as well as mid scoop or boost via the same 2 knobs.
Ready to ship in October. $225