Remember the days where music sounded warm and inviting and you used the knob
on your stereo to make stuff louder? Thats what Old-FI is about; cool vibe and good
dynamic range. Masters that aren't pushed into distortion because modern users are
too lazy to turn up that volume control........ This idea may not be a universally popular
one, but it is a valid choice for people who strive for something different.

This recording service is aimed at indie-rock, folk, punk, noise, garage
and experimentally minded bands and individuals. This gear is semi-portable
and can be setup in any secure location locally. Old-FI is part of my
Guerilla approach to audio. Great audio and great feel can happen
outside of a proper recording studio. Bands dig the comfort of their
rehearsal spaces and living rooms and there's no reason not to experience
recording in these spaces with their unique ambiences and character.

If you prefer a "proper" studio experience and highly polished and hyper produced recordings,
please refer to the "live/studio" section above on the sidebar for studio rates and availibility.

ADK S-7B (2)
Cascade Fathead 2 Ribbon (matched pair)
Cascade Elroy multi-pattern tube condenser
Nady LDC with all new custom guts and basket mods galore
Oktava MK-219 (4)
Audix I-5
Audix F15 (2)
MXL 990 (2) both modified heavily
Nady CM pencil condensors (2) both modded, (1) heavily
AKG D112
Sennheiser e-604 (2)
Sennheiser e-609
Shure SM-57 (2)
Shure Commando 420 harp mic
EV RE-20
EV DS-35
EV 644
EV 631
Sony ECM-22P
Hand-made phantom-powered Carbon mic
several SM-58 copies

Vintage Altec 1220 - 10 channels with spring reverb and mono master limiter
Vintage Stevenson 100 series - 16 channels with Edcor-balanced Direct outs
Soundcraft M12 - newer board for things that need Phantom power

Outboard Gear:
Stevenson 100B Channel (Edcor transformer)
Stevenson 200 series 2 channel (custom tranformers)
Altec 1592B (loaded with 1 1588B and 1 1588C)
Altec custom 1588C Quad box (Jensen transformers)
Tascam 5A (2 channels)
Ward-Beck M460A
Bellari MP110 Tube Pre w/ NOS 5965 tube
Dukane 5ch Mic-Pre
Gates Solidstatesman AM Limiter (6543)
Harris(Gates) Solidstatesman FM limiter (6631)
ART Pro VLA op:audio mods with Cinemag inputs and Jensen outputs plus blue backlit VUs and vintage tubes
Audion dual compressor
DBX 163X Compressor
DBX Project 1 dual compressor (3)
Aphex quad gate (2)
Alesis 3630 (2)
Roland SDE-1000
TC Electronics M-One
Hand-wired spring reverb (original Fender design) in 2RU case
Tel-Ray Organ-tone Oilcan Delay

MOTU 2408MKII (2) 16Ch of I/O at 24bit/48K
Alesis ADAT XT 8 tracks of digital-analog sonic glory
Tascam 4 track cassette recorder

Mackie Big-Knob
Yamaha HS-5 (2)
Behringer active quad DI
Behringer 8ch headphone amp
Proco 16x4 100+' snake
Proco 4x2 50' snake
Misc stands and booms
Many, many cables

Recordable Gear:
Sovtek Model-001 (pre-Mig50)
Univox U-1226 60Watt tube head
Sunn Betalead Head 100watts
Jetcity JCA20H (modded to cathode bias and some secret weapon mods)
Peavey Fullrange 100SS head
30's or 40's Ampro 1x12 with original Jensen woofer
Several 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets all loaded with various eminence drivers
Several drumsets that can be combined as needed
Many guitar pedals and noise makers/synth/oscillators
Hand-made cigarbox slide instrument

Coming Soon:
More Carbon mics
More vintage mics
More tube gear
RCA BA-73 Mic amp
DDA 2ch preamp
Stevenson 108K 2ch preamp
1948 Webcor wire recorder
1970's 1/4" tape machine (2)
1176LN Clones (2)
SSL Buss Comp Clone