Angry Face
A heavily modded version of the classic 'Face. Vintage Soviet germanium and NOS silicon transistors,
Volume, Tone, and Bias controls and a UV Led give this box a unique look and a completely sick sound.
Great for Guitar or Bass. Hand polished and ENGRAVED box.

B Boost V1
a 386 micro-amp based booster that goes from dead clean
to squawking overdrive; this pedal can be over the top to say the least!
For Sale: $100

F*cking Basic Loops
Dual true-bypass loops with mini booster. Dual stomp switches activate loops
while a toggle bypasses the booster. Uses insert cables to feed to and from looped pedals
For Sale: $75

Pumpkin Smasher
A modified Big Muff-style distortion. Much fun especially with active
basses, but built as a guitar effect.
For Sale: $150

The Russian Bear
An over the top op-amp distortion. Plays nicely at moderate settings, becomes a distortion/feedback
box when pushed beyond tame settings. Very nice if you like controllable distortion with feedback squeels! Another ENGRAVED box!
For Sale: $150

Geek Box
Altoids tin + Transistor boost + Archtop pickup = The Geek Box
This was a latenight project built from spare parts. Playing hammer-ons with one hand,
run it across the strings and near and away from the strings. Yeilds some very cool violin type attack with some practice.
Can also work for picking ahead of the nut, to make trainwreck-ish explosions, and as handheld feedback.
For Sale: $100

The Starving Plate
An op-amp and 12AX7 hybrid overdrive. Very smooth on guitar, nice and round.
Tends to thin-out basses a bit, but adds beautiful grit to any source.

The Traffic Cop II
A fully passive bypass switcher. Mute switches and a Tuner out. Built for
Joey Eppard of Three as a master control for his acoustic and electric/acoustic hybrid.