• Live Engineering: I've mixed dozens of bands in dozens of clubs.
    With 5 years of live experience and 2 years of touring in the field of live sound
    across the US and Canada I can offer you a live soundscape that will surpass your

  • Location Recording: The current availability for location recording
    is 8 tracks. Generally this suffices for live show recording. A 2-track open-air or board recording
    can also be arranged. The 8track recorder is a very functional, low hours ADAT machine.
    Used along with outboard dynamics processors and a Soundcraft console, the results are
    quite favorable. ADAT is bulk dumped in a controlled environment and mixed to your exacting standards.

  • Studio Recording and Production: I am a freelance engineer and
    formally head engineer at Darkworld Studio and owned/operated Far Too Frail Music studio for 5years.
    In the last 8 years I have recorded around 125 bands and continue to grow my client list monthly.

    Studio recording runs $40 per hour, Live Engineering starts at $150 per day
    plus travel costs/perdiem/accomodations as required by the job. Location Recording starts
    at $35 per hr plus travel(package pricing available)..... For a more unique approach
    to capturing your music, please see the Old-FI Recording page.