Effect pedal mods are all the rage these days and Operation: Audio
is right there for you with many popular mods and even some you may
have never considered.

The most popular modification is True-bypass switching. TBPS can be
retrofitted to almost any pedal. Even Boss pedals can be true-bypassed
using a relay and some additional circuitry while retaining a stock look.

I offer many mods for standard Electro Harmonix pedals including:
  • The POG (switching and noise reduction mods)
  • Small Clone (vibrato/mix knob mod, speed mods, depth pot)
  • Small Stone (Depth Charge/univiby mod, speed mods)
  • Polychorus (Stereo True Bypass)
  • Bass Balls (balls-out mods)
  • Doctor Q (filter tune mod)
  • Clone Theory(older models) (LED and switching mods, external power supply)
  • Big Muff (Pumpkin Smasher mods, and much more)

    Other Specific Pedals:
  • Pearl Phaser (speed mods)
  • DOD Stereo Phaser (warp-speed modulator mod - max speed is almost a ring mod. sound)
  • Arion (any) TBPSwitching
  • Ibanez Lo-Fi (lowest FI mod - sounds like a very tiny pocket radio with flip of a switch)
  • Ibanez Tube Screamer (filter tuning, frequency response mods)
  • Guyatone Micro series (unity gain mod - removes volume loss from pedal use)
  • Guyatone VT-X/FLIP series (TBPS and DC filtering mods)
  • Boss DS-1 (tone and distortion mods)
  • Fuzz Face (tone, bias and gain mods)